Establishing A Fully-Functioning eCommerce Store

The client

Established with a strong brand reputation in 1999,...
Tiger Supply has built a solid reputation for supplying high-qualified construction products and services to local and international clients in Myanmar for over 15 years. Tiger Supply strives to become the leading distributor of construction-related materials in the industry while meeting the client’s expectations and earning customers' loyalty. onenex was approached by Tiger Supply: to explore a solution to provide their customers with an easy and intuitive platform to allow construction partners and customers to purchase and order construction materials online.


onenex developed an eCommerce platform that’s perfect for...
Tiger Supply’s customers focus on B2B bulk sales and bulk orders, so our approach was to ensure that the platform is scalable and can handle all of its customers’ needs. Plus, Plus, we've developed a progressive Web App (PWA) that makes it super easy for customers to install and use on their phones. Thus, our team put so much effort into creating a platform that's not only functional but also user-friendly and reliable.

The Impact

The impact of Onenex's solution on Tiger Supply has been transformative. It has revolutionized the way Tiger Supply does business, empowering them to thrive in the digital age and continue their legacy of excellence in the construction industry of Myanmar. For customers, just a few clicks, and their orders are on the way!

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