Revolutionize The Financial Services For Burmese Migrant Workers In Thailand

The client

Synpitarn is a Thai-based Pico Finance Company, licensed by the Thai Ministry of Finance.
They aim to offer loan services to individuals, especially for Burmese migrant workers currently working in various factories in selected provinces in Thailand. Synpitarn understand that migrant workers have been facing with limited solutions when it comes to financial difficulties because there is no formal financial institutions that provide loans to immigrants. Even when such institutions exist, it takes several hours of time-consuming for the approval process. Therefore, Synpitarn brings an impactful project idea to onenex which is to lend microloans to migrant workers by improving technology and data.
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onenex conducted a detailed product architecture…
a customer web app used by both prospective and existing loan customers, as well as a back office system managed by loan officers. The front end of the website is considered to design with a user-friendly approach, providing simple and clear navigations for users to apply for loan application forms. Without needing to wait for a long queue at traditional institutions, it takes less than three minutes for customers to fill out the form and apply for the loan request just through online regardless of their location and time. Then, the customer is contacted through phone call after the requested loan form is notified to a relevant loan officer, and interviewed for more detailed questions to proceed further steps. Besides, on the loan officer’s side, he/she has access to review all the customer’s information and data, verify documents sent by the customer, and report the loan form to the management team for approval or rejection of the loan requests. For the website’s backend, the system is integrated with Thai local cloud-based solution software called Genius which is compatible with local Thai compliance of requirements, loan calculation, and reports.
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The Impact

Our innovative approach could help Burmese migrant workers, enabling them to overcome their financial difficulties and making the loan process easier for loan officers.

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