Creating a Trendy Fashion and Retail Platform Catered to Young Adults

The client

Launched in 2012, Rag & Denim brings high-quality international and local streetwear brands to the Burmese youth.
From Nike to Calvin Klein Jeans, Rag & Denim set its goal to stay ahead in trendsetting with Generation Z. Rag & Denim has a wide range of product lines including clothing, shoe, sunglasses, bags, and so on. We were thrilled to collaborate with Rag & Denim with an exciting project idea: expand Rag & Denim's brand identity next level and make it easy and accessible for its existing customers by introducing an online shopping experience.
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We understood that the eCommerce platform built for Rag & Denim must be...
easy, accessible, and robust to engage with its large percentage target segment of the audience it represents. Therefore, we chose a flexible and fully-functioning eCommerce platform, Shopify, to deliver a smooth and flawless shopping experience to online shoppers. We prioritized designing Rag & Denim’s eCommerce platform with a clean and appealing display of visual catalogs and accessible search functionalities that would attract and engage with the target audience. It is also integrated with Google Analytics to track users' insights better to enhance buyer journeys.

The Impact

onenex was able to bring this seamless shopping experience to the online platform in such a short period of time, 60 days. With just few clicks, we helped Rag & Denim’s customers to conveniently search the products and make it easier to shop instantly

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