The Creation of a World-Class Digital Bidding Platform for Singapore's Foremost Auctioneer

The client

Hotlotz offers a marketplace from furniture to antiques and fines.
Hotlotz Auction House, founded in 2013, is the largest auction house based in Singapore that curates an eclectic mixture of contemporary, vintage, and antique statement pieces that speak to a broad spectrum of audiences. onenex was approached by Hotlotz with an exciting project idea: to create a modern, elegant, and hybrid eCommerce auction website that could cater to their wide range of customers.


After careful consideration and thorough analysis of the client's requirements.....
onenex built a one-of-a-kind website for Hotlotz that features a unique combination of a marketplace and bidding function in one platform. The website also includes a user-friendly dashboard for buyers and sellers to manage their accounts and transactions. This has reduced the workload for the Hotlotz team and made the entire auction process more efficient and transparent.

The Impact

The website showcases its rare antiquities in a beautiful way while also giving users the opportunity to bid on them. As a result, Hotlotz has seen an increase in both the number of bidders and the average bid price, solidifying its position as the foremost auctioneer in Singapore. onenex's solution has helped Hotlotz to achieve their goal of creating a world-class digital bidding platform and has positioned them as a leader in the online auction industry.

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